"Even basic training in BJJ has provided me with the necessary tools for self defence in real-life situations, and I would recommend training be undertaken by anyone currently working or considering a career in law enforcement

- James Ralph

I have been training for just over four months. I'm really enjoying the challenge of learning new techniques along with great instructors and a good bunch of people. I would recommend to all.

- Jason Johns

I started training BJJ in November 2011 because I needed a new challenge as well as physical fitness. Quite a few people I knew were doing MMA and Jiu Jitsu in NZ and Oz, so I thought it must be a good thing.
The hardest part was walking through the door for the first class but everybody I have met so far has been really helpful and friendly. I got my Blue belt awarded to me In March 2014 which I couldn't have done without the team at Zero Gravity.
There is always something to learn no matter how basic the technique and all of the team help to add the details and keep you motivated. Everyone has something of their own to add even if its a minor detail, this is why I still train today it is always evolving with great guys and girls alongside you it never gets boring and I always have a good laugh when I make a mistake usually just before I get submitted.
Andrew is a top coach who has great attention to detail and if you ever get stuck will work with you to get you back on track. Through BJJ I have had the opportunity to train with Rigan Machado and john will who are top level guys that are equally as friendly and chilled out.
I would recommend training at Zero gravity if you like a challenge and want to be part of a great team with great coaching and support. Take the first step we aren't there to beat each other up but to learn.

- Jarrad Christie


Zero Gravity is proud to be an affiliate of Will/Machado BJJ Australasia

"Zero Gravity – movement, leverage, posture, the ability to attack from an angle, escape from any position.

Through an always increasing understanding of the principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it won’t matter if you are on top of your opponent or under them, you will always be dangerous, always be a problem. In fact, being ‘on top’ or ‘underneath’ will have less and less meaning the longer you train.

In order to become this good, you will learn to let another weight have less impact on you, the weight of your ego. Through pressure testing your skills, you will come to learn that your attributes (speed, strength, size) or those that you lack, will have less meaning than you think they do. Time on the mat is what will count, and time on the mat will mean your ego will be put in check time and again.

Training at Zero Gravity will allow you the opportunity to let gravity of any kind have less impact on the way you move, the ways you think about others, and the ways you think about yourself."

DR. G.Terry

Through our established and proven curriculum, developed by world class coach John Will, that includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts training, you will learn ways to keep yourself safe, escape from bad positions, and ultimately to control and overcome opponents.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art that focuses on using leverage and movement to reduce the importance of strength and size in a confrontation. We teach this in a safe, supportive and ego-free environment, where individuals of any fitness level, size, shape and levels of athleticism can improve their fitness, their self-confidence and their overall enjoyment of life.

Our Mixed Martial Arts programme is similarly geared toward people with any number of motivations and existing skills, from those wanting to improve their fitness, or to add to their knowledge of good self defence practices.

Put another way;

Zero Gravity represents the limitless boundaries of the martial arts journey & the ultimate attainment of the perfect match, the sphere of Jiu Jitsu there is no up and down, no top or bottom position we roll to win, when we are concerned with “bad” position we are on the road to loosing when we do not question whether we are up or down we are constantly in the fight.