It was probably the North American winter of 1995 when I was over at a friends house and was subjected to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the first time. We all gathered around the tv to watch a fighting tournament where the promoters pitted different fighting styles against each other in what they called The Ultimate Fighting Championship 2. It was super exciting to watch and nothing of what I had expected.

In one night my mind was blown when an average sized guy with an average build submitted everyone they put in front of him. Now THAT was something that I wanted to do. Fast forward almost 15 years and I finally got the opportunity to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the crew that would become Zero Gravity Martial Arts. Originally I searched the internet for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Auckland, Karaka, Papakura, Drury Pukekohe, anywhere in Papakura or Franklin counties and the only place that kept coming up was a club out East where I first met Andrew.

I spent the better part of three and a half years driving all the way out East to get my Jiu Jitsu fix and the guys I trained with weekly are amazing people. When Andrew, who was one of my couches at the club, told us that he would be opening a Jiu Jitsu school closer to home in Drury I was the first to say that I would go train with him there. Although the commute out East was not terrible it was still adding up to about two hours a week that I wasn't spending with my family and with two kids under five years old time is pretty important to me.

If it was anyone but Andrew and Inger I would not have considered leaving my Jiu Jitsu family out East. Andrew is a great coach that can relay information and technique in a clear concise way which is good for me because I am so busy during the day that I’m pretty brain dead by six o'clock. The clear coaching style at Zero Gravity is a trait I see in most of the coaches that have been trained by Andrew's coach John Will. It wasn't until I visited other Jiu Jitsu academies that I realized how good we have it at Zero Gravity. There is a big difference in culture at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools flying the Will/Machado flag like Zero Gravity does. The coaches as Zero Gravity in Drury have become more than just coaches to me; they are great friends and my Jiu Jitsu family.

If you are looking for a 5 star martial art experience in 'no ego' club and you live in Papakura, Drury, Karaka, Kingseat, Pukekohe or anywhere in Papakura, Franklin and surrounding areas then come and train with Zero Gravity. I'll see you on the mat.

- Fran Frost


Head Coach – Andrew Craven

Andrew Craven started his journey into martial arts in 1999 when he joined the Howick Aikido club always interested in learning more of the martial arts, Andrew soon broadened his training to gain some experience in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Kickboxing, following the birth of his first son James he consolidated his training to the art that captured his full attention, Will/Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (earning his purple belt in 2009, promoted to brown belt in 2012 by Will/Machado Head Coach John Will, 4th Degree Black Belt). Later with the booming growth of Mixed Martial Arts in New Zealand he took the opportunity to test his skills competing in several MMA fights.

Andrew was a foundation member of GroundControl BJJ&MMA, he worked closely with Mike Fooks on the development of the club. In addition to his BJJ coaching Andrew headed up the GroundControl MMA fight team alongside the very experienced Neil Swales.

Andrew won gold in his very first BJJ competition with GroundControl – setting a trend for the competitive success that was to follow. He has won a number of gold & silver medals at the BJJ open and no gi events, has qualified as a NZ representative at the Abu Dhabi World Pro. His drive on the mat is tempered with a genuine concern for students which comes out in his direct no BS coaching style. Andrew is passionate about martial arts and quite simply loves being on the mat & helping people find that same passion gained through training.

Assistant Coach – Jason Kelly

I started my martial arts journey in 2007, having played rugby since infancy and having recently giving the game away I was looking for something that challenged the mind as well as getting a bit of exercise without being too hard on the body.

  I remember vividly watching a UFC pay-per-view at a friends house and this is where my love affair with Jiu Jitsu began.

  I quickly sought out a local club (Ground-control) and began training, after my first class I was instantly hooked.  I received my Blue belt in 2010 and my Purple in 2012, my love affair with this art continues and you can find me most days on a mat rolling with my mates, having a good time sharing ideas and learning together.

  My philosophy when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu is simple 1. It needs to be fun, if it isn’t find something else to do.  2. Like life, you get out of it what you put into it.  I am stoked to be part of Zero Gravity Martial Arts and look forward to meeting you.

Assistant Coach – Inger Craven

I have been involved in Martial Arts for the past 14 years; my journey began with Aikido, where I obtained my first degree black belt.  My passion for the fighting arts lead me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2006, I obtained my purple belt in November 2012.  I have competed in BJJ Gi and No-Gi events throughout New Zealand and Australia in each belt rank.

  Andrew and I have two wonderful boys, James aged 7 and Glenn 5, we have encouraged them to become involved in BJJ over the years and they are both enjoying their own training experiences.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching our junior classes and truly believe that BJJ can be a life changing experience and that is why I am so passionate about teaching the young children, to help grow them in to confident, respectful young people.

  I am also enthusiastic about females entering martial arts, and am part of a nationwide NZ Girls Grappling group which is actively encouraging females to participate in the sport by running regular group training sessions.  Welcome to BJJ, it will change your life in a most positive way!

Youth Coach – Billy Morgan

I got into BJJ a tad late. I think I was 35 when I took my first class; I was looking for a new challenge and boy did I find it! Since that day Jiu Jitsu has been a huge part of my life, and the lives of my Son and Daughter. I've met and trained with some amazing people, competed in a couple of different countries and am in the best shape of my life.

You really can't ask for more in a sport. In Jiu Jitsu you will find fun, excitement, fitness, problem solving, practical self defence and friendship.

I treat the opportunity to coach the youth classes as a real privilege. I've seen first hand the positive effects that Jiu Jitsu has had on my own children and it's real honor to be able to pass those effects on to as many kids as I can.